Anthony “Million dollar” crolla – what is known about the next opponent of Vasyl Lomachenko

Энтони "Миллион долларов" Кролла – что известно о следующем сопернике Василия Ломаченко

Vasyl Lomachenko on Saturday night April 12, will defend its world title against the experienced British boxer Anthony crolla. Present in the material Спорт24 another rival.

Anthony Kroll. Brief biography

Born on 16 Nov 1986 in Manchester.
The growth of 174 centimeters.
Working hand – right.
World champion at lightweight (version WBA, 2015 – 2016)
The number of fights – 43. 34 wins (13 by knockout), 6 defeats, 3 draws.
Nick: a Million dollars

The beginning of the professional career

Anthony Kroll began his professional career at the age of 19. In Manchester, the Briton defeated countryman Abdul Rashid decision. Two months for 20-year-old crolla by TKO defeated the pole of Ariel Krasnopolsky. In 2007, he spent four fights and won all of them. The games only took place in Britain.

In 2008 he participated in seven games. During this period Kroll for the first time fought outside of his native country. In January in düsseldorf (Germany) he was knocked out of the pole Tomasz Quetena. In April, Kroll was waiting for the first defeat. In Bolton he lost the Syrian boxer Yuseff al-Hamidi. The following year, Kroll four more times to get in the ring and won three times with one defeat.

The first titles

In 2010, Anthony Kroll got the first title, although not as prestigious. In October, he with a technical knockout defeated compatriot Andy Morris for the title BBBofC in the second Featherweight. And in February in a fight for the vacant British lightweight title title Kroll was won by John Watson. In the seventh round Anthony won by TKO.

In the fall of Kroll defended the title, but in the spring of 2012, lost it, losing to Derry Matthews by TKO. In December 2012, the British again returned to the title.

In 2013, Kroll business has gone up. In January he beat Gavin Rees for the title of Intercontinental champion by the WBO in the lightweight division. Kroll won the decision of judges. After that, Anthony thrice defended his title.

Kroll is the world champion

The first battle of world importance Kroll held July 18, 2015 against Darleys Perez. It was the third protection zone for the Colombian boxer. For 12 rounds, boxers have been unable to identify the strongest. Judges ‘ notes showed a draw.

21st Nov boxers met again in Manchester, the home town of Kroll. This time Anthony managed to defeat his opponent for 5 rounds. Anthony knocked out Perez and won the title.

In may 2016 Kroll defended the title, but in August lost it. Anthony lost to Jorge Linares, which in 2018 was a bit Lomachenko. Anthony lost to Jorge for the decisions of the judges in battle, where at stake was the vacant belt The Ring in the lightweight division. Kroll had destinatio unbeaten run.

In June 2017, the boxers met again in the ring, but the Briton failed to win the title. Linares then twice defended the WBA belt, but later lost his Lomachenko.

After the defeat of the Linares Kroll spent three games all won by decision. This has allowed him to get a chance to fight against Vasyl Lomachenko not only for the belt of WBA and The Ring, but also for the WBO.

What’s next?

By Boxing standards, Kroll is an experienced boxer, but his retirement is out obviously, it’s early. For example, Lomachenko is 31 years old and he just started his journey as a professional. Kroll unstable boxer and not enough stars in the sky. He is a typical British bully that lives from fight to fight.

The fight with Lomachenko it’s a chance for Kroll not only to titles, but to Express themselves, like, before I write off. In any Kroll will hold a minimum of one fight after the fight with the Ukrainian. Brit wants to win the title and defend it in his native Manchester. With title or without, but Kroll will step in the ring in Manchester.

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