Anti-monopolists fined already fined companies that were working in collusion

Антимонопольщики оштрафовали уже оштрафованные компании, которые работали в сговоре

The Kyiv territorial office of the AMCU imposed 544 thousand UAH of a penalty on “green car” ( “Art Group”) and OOO “Vizit” for the drawing of four tenders of the Ministry of defence for the purchase of canned goods in 2015.

This is evidenced by the decision from October 16, transfer Our money.

OTV ACU Kiev began consideration of the case for signs of possible bid collusion among companies in the “green car” (previously “Art Group”) and “Visit” in early February, 2019.

Analysis subjected four procedures for the purchase of meat, meat and cereal and vegetable canned food total expected cost 25580000 UAH.

Having examined the bidding documents the “green penalty” and “Visit” on those auctions, anti-monopolists established that the defendants:

use the same IP address.

were in economic relations;

divided between the joint employees;

provided for customer consideration bids are similar in design.

In addition, in the proof of anticompetitive concerted actions was useful materials provided the Department of the investigation Department of the state of Ukraine in Kiev. According to them, during a search of the apartment of the Director of “Visit” and at the same time – accountant “green penalty” Alina Azimova was discovered printing and accounting documents of companies, contracts with which the defendants used to confirm the presence of the experience of execution of similar contracts.

The Kyiv territorial office of the AMCU stated that the facts could not be a coincidence, but indicate coherence of the respondents considered the auction.

According to GU DFS in the Kiev region in 2018, OOO “Visit” received an income of 292 330 000 UAH, and OOO “green car” – had not filed financial statements for the past year.

In the end, each of the defendants received 68 thousand UAH of a penalty for each drawn lot of defense. Consequently, the company received 272 thousand UAH of a penalty each.

Recall that on 4 April the Antimonopoly Committee fined 869 270 000 UAH, the company in 2016 participated in the procurement of food services by the Ministry of defence for a total amount of 2.20 billion. The defendants were, in particular, OOO “Vizit” and LLC “Arta group”, which entered the so-called group of “bila Tserkva”.