Anti-Russian protests in Georgia: interior Minister, said about the terrible punishment for the activists

Антироссийские протесты в Грузии: глава МВД заявил о страшном наказании для активистов

The Minister of internal Affairs of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia threatened severe punishment to all those involved in the mass protests in Central Tbilisi. According to officials, the protesters wanted to storm the country’s Parliament.

In particular, he noted that the Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia “will carefully examine” all the circumstances of the action under investigation. Georgian law enforcers have opened criminal proceedings under article “the Organization, conduct and participation in public disturbance,” reports online “news-Georgia”.

All those people who encouraged, organized and managed to turn a peaceful demonstration into a violent, carried out the assault to the police and Parliament – they will be severely punished,

noted Gajaria.

In his opinion, a direct relation to the riots have the leaders of some political parties – they have provoked riots and called for the storming of Parliament, and when the situation escalated threw the protesters.

“I resent those people, the politicians who provoked our ordinary citizens, and then disappeared from the area. Specific policies and party representatives were able to oppose each other, the police and citizens who expressed sincere protest. None of them after 10 PM was not there. All just escaped from there, and after their provocations left against each other, the youth and police”, says the head of the interior Ministry of Georgia.

Concerning actions by the security forces, who are against the protesters used tear gas and rubber bullets, Gajaria believes that thus they “were in a state of defence“. In addition, he argues that “the police did not move to until people’s lives are not threatened danger.”

Happened gang attack on the police to invade Parliament. Unfortunately, the situation became so tense that police was forced to use special means, despite the fact that we were patient, and our citizens saw it”, – stated the Minister.

Earlier, the Georgian interior Ministry said that the crackdown on protesters in Central Tbilisi is “prescribed by law proportionate measures”. At the same time, the Department stated that the protests around Parliament were violent and “beyond the freedom of expression and of peaceful Assembly act”.

Why is there anti-Russian protests in Georgia?

The evening of June 20 most of the protesters came to a rally at the Parliament of Georgia. People are outraged by the behavior of Russian politicians. In particular, the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party sat in Parliament in place of the speaker, and opened in the Russian language the meeting of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy. In addition, it does not recognize the Georgian territories occupied by the Kremlin, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Soon the entire Russian delegation left Georgia.

First, the Georgians demanded from the Russians to apologize, and after a while people began to insist on the resignation of the Chairman of the Parliament, Irakli Kobakhidze, Minister of internal Affairs George Gakharia and the head of security of Georgia Vakhtang gomelauri. After that, the protesters began to storm the Parliament, at the same time, the police used against them tear gas and rubber bullets.

In the morning of 21 June, the protests resumed and was accompanied by a new unrest. Protesters gathered in the center of Tbilisi, began to destroy everything in its path, so between them and the police clashed. In the end, the police managed to calm the mood of the people. They also many were detained.

On the evening of 21 June, the protests in Georgia have been resumed.

Mass anti-Russian protests and riots in Georgia: watch live 24 channel


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