Antibodies to coronavirus is less than 1% of people – Ukrainian testing (video)

Антитела к коронавирусу есть менее чем у 1% людей - украинское тестирование (видео)

Scientists suggest that immunity to COVID-19 is stored for several months.

In China for eight weeks tested in people who have had COVID-19, the antibody levels in the blood. Ukraine also carried out a similar study.

And it turns out that immunity depends on how severe symptoms suffered a patient, according to a story TSN.

Chinese scientists for eight weeks was measured the amount of antibodies in the blood of 74 patients. Half of them had COVID-19 hard, the other half are asymptomatic. In both groups the immune system is weakened. Thus in 40% of asymptomatic antibodies in General have ceased to appear.

According to opinion of scientists of the Medical University of Cucina probably immune to COVID-19 persists for 2-3 months, not 2-3 years, as previously thought.

Professor Alexander Duda with colleagues pursuing a similar research in Ukraine. In particular, among the people it observes, – the residents of hostels, which became the centers of coronavirus disease. Their immune system began to decline in a month after illness.

According to known biological rules, if the virus enters the human body for the first time, the immune system produces antibodies, but it takes some time. So the virus has time to multiply in the body, however, after the first acquaintance remains immune memory, and it reflects the attack of the virus immediately.

Anesthesiologist from Chernivtsi Anna Rybarczyk says that ill with the coronavirus twice in a month. Both times the diagnosis was confirmed by polymer chain reaction. “In hospital I stayed for two weeks. Quickly enough I had a negative PCR. I went to work. Perhaps it was a rash decision. From the first moment of infection until the second it’s been three weeks,” she said.

Now ELISA-test shows that the immune system Anna already there. Infectious disease specialists argue that this really could be re-infection, because of the short time immunity could not be produced. However, the case is not officially registered, because it is now impossible to check whether there were no errors in testing.

Can one be infected twice, scientists have tried to research on monkeys. Waited until the animals recover after the first infection and a month later again tried to infect them, but the animals successfully resisted infection.

So while there is more extensive research, each country keeps statistics on how many people have immunity to coronavirus. The large-scale testing in Ukraine shows antibodies less than 1% of people.

By TSN correspondent Oksana Mulyar said that in Gostomel testing point set up near the village Council. The local government wants to have its own statistics. At the same time, people wonder whether they have immunity to the new coronavirus.

For the first few days of work mobile location surveyed four hundred people. 11 found immunity, nine of them had no symptoms and did not even know that ill.

Mass of re-testing in the world have not yet carried out. While such a plan in Germany. Because now you have to understand whether to expect the emergence of vaccine COVID-19.

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