Any repairs will take place in schools and kindergartens of the Dnieper river for 22 million hryvnia

Какие ремонты пройдут в школах и садиках Днепра за 22 миллиона гривен

About when and what institutions will conduct the repairs and buy the equipment, read the material.

The Department of humanitarian policy of the Dnieper the city Council has announced a series of tenders for repairs and renovation of the material base of schools and kindergartens of the Dnieper. The total amount of operations and acquisitions will reach more than 22 million UAH. Delivery time – until December 10, 2020.

Under the announced tenders in the Waldorf high school of the Central district of the regional center will construct an extension to sports hall. In all this, the Department will spend 21.8 million UAH. For the money you plan to dig and install the concrete Foundation, set the walls and ceilings made of light concrete stones, insulate the walls with foam, install the roof of naplavlyaemykh materials, lay a floor of concrete slabs, and lay ceramic tiles. Will also be insulated facade, installed plastic Windows and doors, system of hot and cold water supply, Sewerage, heating, ventilation, power, fire alarm, telephone, radio and cable network, and video surveillance. Terms of performance of works – till December 10, 2020.

In NVK No. 30 are going to plaster, paint walls, ceilings and window frames of the premises of educational institutions for 152.3 ths UAH. Similar work will take place in secondary school № 83 for of 164.5 thousand UAH.

And in kindergartens № 60 and 244 will repair a roof from rolled materials. It will be spent by the city authorities to 235 thousand UAH.

In a kindergarten № 164 will establish a house-a gazebo 61,7 ths. As for schools of the Dnieper will purchase 397 LED bulbs for 24.6 thousand UAH. Addresses where I received the new bulbs can be found here. Also in UVK № 106 will be purchased a laser printer for 5.3 thousand UAH.