Anyone can see the Ostrog of XVII century

Желающие могут увидеть Острог XVII века

Now residents and visitors of Rivne can see what the ancient Ostrog four centuries ago.

“In the framework of the Polish project “Shtetl Routes” Studio “Polygon” made 3D-reconstruction of the Burg of the seventeenth century. Now everyone can see what was the city four centuries ago. The developers say that then the whole Fort was surrounded by walls, and already the city was still the castle on the hill with even more impregnable walls”, – stated in the message.

Today, the Jail is famous for monuments of architecture, churches of different denominations, museums, and modern higher education institution – Ostroh Academy.

Famous monuments of the city fortifications Tatar tower, tower of Lutsk, assumption Catholic Church, the former men’s gymnasium, the Ostrog synagogue.

As reported in Rivne oblast for several years, operates the project “Shtetl Routes. Objects of Jewish cultural heritage in transborder tourism” cross-border cooperation programme “Poland – Belarus – Ukraine”.

In the words of project coordinator Emile Mayuka, his goal is to develop materials and tools on the basis of the Jewish historical heritage, which can be used in the field of culture and tourism.

According to local historians, this issue is relevant to the Eastern districts of Poland and the Western areas of Ukraine and Belarus. Attractions in these regions little is known how potential tourists and local residents.