Anyone doing tests for suspected COVID-19 and when the ambulance arrives

Кому делают тесты при подозрении на COVID-19 и когда приезжает скорая

Pneumonia continue to affect Ukrainians, devices and ecmo then not enough, and tests for coronavirus without “serious reason” to do almost impossible, write “Letters”.

On 19 March from Kiev Valery Musina in Instagram reported that her husband Cyril was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia.

“Three ambulances, and none of them was diagnosed with, private in particular, and didn’t even try! Five days temperature 40! Cough just wild, off the hook! And latest imminent strenuously tried to deny us admission, saying, wait a minute three days, drink antiviral”, – she wrote.

Pneumonia, intensive care unit, lying beneath the apparatus.? Here’s the verdict for today. Three ambulances and none was diagnosed with, private in particular, and not even tried!! Five days temperature 40! Cough just wild, off the hook! And latest imminent strenuously tried to deny us admission, saying sit for three days and drink antiviral!!!!!? We insisted and took us, I think he brought down the temperature before you get down go and sit in the carriage of an emergency? No! He barely made it. Now he’s laying and he was forbidden to move! We were brought to a fourth hospital and began to survey. I knew that x-rays may not show the full picture and insisted on a CT scan. And all are tough guys. Hard sided pneumonia. State between medium and heavy. Thank God we didn’t listen to the paramedics and came!? Rocked him in intensive care for two days, I write and cry. Thanks to the doctors, so follow it, thanks @ninaradzievskaya told where to go. Non-stop treatment? I sincerely hope that everything will cost. Did the test for the coronavirus, negative. The entire staff is insanely attentive and it gives me the strength not to turn sour eventually.? Talked with the doctor, it monitors the health of each patient. So it remains to hope that he is strong and can handle it!? But please tell me how five days a healthy young man could develop such a pneumonia and no ambulance at all didn’t suspect or didn’t want to deal with????? So, if you have even the second day, the temperature under 40 and cough, shout and blow!!

Publication from a Tough Coach Valery Vuchina (@coach_viushina)

Cyril was treated first in the 4th infectious diseases hospital, then transferred to the heart Institute. During this time the woman managed to initiate a fundraiser to buy in Kiev hospital equipment and special equipment needed to combat coronavirus. Emphasized that this fundraising is not for my husband’s treatment, and to provide hospitals with necessary. A few days managed to collect more than 400 thousand hryvnia. Doctors continued to fight for the life of Cyril, but in a few days he died. Coronavirus infection had never been confirmed.

All PCR tests for coronavirus from the man were negative. But the “clinic” of the disease clearly fit into the one that happens with coronavirus infection, said a doctor familiar with the treatment process, Cyril:

“He was treated on all protocols that are spelled out in the case COVID-19. However, even before the 4th hospital it hooked up to a ventilator, the lungs of the men were in very bad condition. Massive bilateral pneumonia. And this is just a few days of the disease. When 100% oxygen from the ventilator the oxygen saturation in the blood was at 70%. It is very small. Must be 100%. So even then, lungs were not ready.

What symptoms do coming soon?

An employee of one of the capital’s ambulance crews said that in addition to temperature and a strong cough for the emergency call have to be and more severe symptoms.

“It really is. The ambulance could not come and to be hospitalized, if a person has even a strong cough and temperature of 39. The ambulance arrives, if there is shortness of breath is a symptom of respiratory distress. This is a dangerous pathological condition, and you need to react quickly. That is, when there is a complaint of “difficulty breathing, choking,” it soon come”.

In acute conditions, not related to the coronavirus – going complaint “a lot of pressure and it hurts the heart”, especially when it is accompanied by nausea, weakness. All this may indicate a heart attack.

“Fast responds to those signals quickly. Can be in real trouble if it turns out that it was a heart attack and a call to “weed out”. If the same person calls and calls only the symptoms similar to SARS, it switches to the service of 1581, where the advice doctors give. But on the phone. Understand that imminent is imminent. You have to go when there is a threat. Accident, heart, calling to the children, and not at a high temperature and cough. So are the teams in the European countries, as we have it is very few people understand. And a few people think that you can call a taxi and to come.”

Judging by what he wrote in social networks about the treatment of Cyril in the 4th the hospital his wife, the pneumonia he had before the hospitalization.

The doctor says:

“There can happen different. Indeed, pneumonia when listening to distinguish the characteristic sounds in the lungs. But there are some pneumonia, who “will not hear”. I like the “quiet” pneumonia can also be found. With “silent” pneumonia is no classical clinical picture. On diagnosis we leave, when taken into account a range of factors. To diagnose one “ear” pneumonia without computer imaging is extremely difficult. But I still believe that played a role is not the human factor, and the rapid development of the disease. Nobody knows how it happened.”

But Kirill’s wife in stories on the page in Instagram said that the doctors first infectious hospital №4, and then the heart Institute, laid out in full, and did to treat her husband everything. Believes that wine is still in the ambulance.

Who exactly do the test

In most cases COVID-19 is in the form of light, say the who. Often people may not know that is sick. Others have only a mild cough and a temperature of 37-38 C. In such cases, the rapid test can hardly expect, if you were not in areas of outbreaks in Europe or you have no relatives with a confirmed diagnosis. Most likely, you’ll just advise you to be at home and treat the symptoms. For example, drink febrifugal at the temperature.

“That’s a quarantine. So people with mild symptoms and without them sat at home and did not endanger others,” says the ambulance man.

March 22 from the Ministry of health has reported that doctors from the brigade of emergency aid will be made directly on the challenges with suspected COVID-19 two test for the coronavirus and influenza. But then the Agency changed its mind and stated that the rapid tests and tests for influenza will carry out only physicians of certain health care facilities. In Kiev Alexander hospital, 4 infectious and a few others. It turns out there are testing only those who are brought by ambulance?

But doctors say that even checking the contacts. But if you think you have coronavirus infection – call your family doctor. Ideally, it should direct you to the survey. When tests a little bit, we have to choose who they are most needed. But the fact remains that the tests are still available to a limited circle of people.

Of the ventilator and ecmo again not enough

The case of a young and previously healthy 30-year-old man again showed the problem of insecurity of hospitals with the necessary equipment. To the heart Institute patient sent because the 4th was infectious ventilator, but “artificial light” – ecmo was not. This is despite the fact that this institution chose one of the essential for patients with coronavirus in Kiev, said the doctor, who was aware of the incident.

“Ecmo is not a panacea. This is an opportunity to give the body to survive, but will succeed or not often depends on the body. This is not specific treatment, but a device that gives the possibility to unload the lungs. And if the flash COVID-19, having this equipment is vitally important. Because when one patient is connected to this unit, this means that another patient is waiting. And can not wait. If it’s not in the capital’s hospitals, then what about the regions? Can have a terrible result – that such a young death. Officials say all but that is not true.”

According to the Letters to supply a few sets of ecmo in Kiev can count on in the course of two months. This is a fairly complicated apparatus that combines artificial circulation and artificial lungs. Hence the price of around 400 000 USD per unit. Need the x-ray complexes. They allow you to monitor the condition of patients in intensive care, not to move them in a stationary x-ray. coronavirus

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