Apocalypse postponed

Апокалипсис переносится

We will all die. From the new coronavirus, walking on a planet. And if not from the virus, then from the global financial crisis, which will come after the virus will destroy the Ukrainian economy. But if not from these global calamities from the hands of Putin, ready at any moment to unleash against us full-scale war…

Apocalyptic predictions and panic, the rumors are in demand everywhere. But for Ukraine, they become a way of life; permanent information agenda for many years. Almost every day the Ukrainians in advance to bury himself and his country.

Someone blames the national media and the blogosphere in undue intimidation of citizens. Encourages to be responsible and restrained, not to chase the hype and climbathon, to spare other people’s nerves, not to exaggerate the possible dangers ahead of time. Someone says: reminds about the weakness of the state, on negligent officials about a small margin of safety – and the need to draw attention to another threat before it caught Ukraine by surprise. Better safe than sorry!

The truth, as usual, in the middle. On the one hand the state is not ready no big epidemic, nor to the great economic crisis, no major war. On the other hand, the continuous beating in alarm alarm does not make us an ideal Israel, and does not show our willingness for the worst to a qualitatively new level. Deep down, it is excellent to understand, and the prophets of the Apocalypse, and their grateful audience.

Yes, if the flash COVID-19 turn into a real pandemic, Ukraine will hardly provide its citizens with adequate health care and suffer the developed countries. We can only hope to contain the virus overseas medics.

Yes, the global financial collapse will hit the problem in Ukraine is very painful, and advance podstelit straw is unlikely. We can rely on the stability of the global economy

Yes, the Ukrainian ability to confront its Northern neighbor is always limited, and in the case of large-scale military invasion of chances with no APU. We need to believe that Mr. Putin has not moved definitively mind and will not go on further confrontation with the West.

The impotence of the system in critical situations obvious to all. State support should not be counted, and it is replaced by psychological exercises. It will not be an error to assume that our love for apocalyptic panic – a kind of stramaturaru. The company is not able to defend themselves from threats, rushes to meet hypothetical threats.

We masochistic pleasure scare each other – because at heart I want to be refuted and reassurance. We purposely exaggerate to be more likely to make a mistake. We willingly succumb to premature panic – wanting to see that panic for nothing. We relish the darkest predictions, and secretly rejoice that the time is running out and they have not yet come true.

Like a little shepherdess of moralizing story, Ukraine ready to shout “Wolves! Wolves!” But not in order to call help, which still will not come, but rather to ascertain the falsity of the raised alarm. Make sure that the wolves did not appear, and relieved exhale. A large epidemic, a major crisis, a major war in the country yet. The Apocalypse is delayed at least for a day. Life goes on!