Appeal consideration on the verdict of national guardsman Marcelo in Italy is blocked due to coronavirus

Рассмотрение апелляции на приговор нацгвардейцу Маркиву в Италии заблокировано из-за коронавируса

The appeals process was supposed to start in the centre of Lombardy, Milan.

In Milan, which is the center of the Italian region of Lombardy, because of the coronavirus blocked the beginning of the appeals process against the Ukrainian national guardsman Vitaly Marcia.

“On the appeals process, the jury consists not just of the judges and of jurors, ordinary people, therefore due to the restrictive measures, the process is blocked,” said one of the lawyers of the convicted person Donatella Rapetti.

The defense filed the appeal petition to the court in November 2019. The lawyers then expressed the hope that the spring will start consideration of the appeal case. Now, according to Rapetti, hopefully in June, but it all depends on the situation around the epidemic.

Because of the epidemic COVID-19 in Italy and the introduction of emergency measures on non-proliferation of the virus, the authorities decided to stop the activities of the judiciary until March 31.

In addition, the Lombardy region and the regional center of Milan on March 8 declared a “red zone” on the quarantine. There are closed educational, cultural, entertainment, not many institutions are working, and people are urged to stay inside and not go out unless absolutely necessary.

30-the summer senior Sergeant of the National guard of Ukraine Vitaliy Markiv is serving a sentence in prison near Milan after in July of last year, the court of first instance sentenced him to 24 years in prison. Markiv has been in custody since the arrest in Bologna of June 30, 2017.

In November 2019 Ukraine has filed an appeal in the case Markiv.