Appear a selfie with ballot papers for the presidential elections in the Nikolaev area

Появляются селфи с избирательными бюллетенями на президентских выборах в Николаевской области

The facts of the photographing of ballots with intent were recorded on two sites.

In one case, violations of the election legislation failed to prevent.

In the village of Stepovoye of the Nikolaev area the voter made a selfie with your completed election Bulletin. About it observer a SUPPORT was reported by residents. To check this information on the plot came to the police.

And on a site №480655 OPORA observers recorded a photograph of the ballot in the voting booth and informed about this to the Chairman. That, in turn, explained to him that such actions are illegal. The voter has removed the photo from the phone.

The “SUPPORT” napomnili that under part 1 of article 7 of the Law “On elections of President of Ukraine” voting in the elections of the President of Ukraine is secret: control over expression of will of voters is prohibited. Photographing, video recording in any way of the will of voters in the booth for secret voting, as well as demonstration by the voter of the voting results in the polling station is prohibited and a violation of the secrecy of the vote.