Appeared important statement of the Bank on payment cards

Появилось важное заявление Ощадбанка по платежным картам

Oschadbank has warned its customers about important developments concerning payment cards.

So all payment cards, which will expire in April, during the quarantine will remain valid. The Bank shall automatically prolong until July 1, 2020.

This was written in the press service of Oschadbank, reports hyser.

So customers of financial institutions can not worry about blocking the payment card and come to get a new one, when the quarantine will be officially over.

As explained in the press service of the Bank Oshchad had resorted to this measure to ensure that clients could stay home and not visit the branch during the threat period.

Also, the Bank promised to notify customers via SMS messages where I will write and other important details regarding cards.

“Our team is actively working to in terms of quarantine clients had uninterrupted service. We extended the cards that end during the quarantine,” – said the Chairman of the Board of Bank Andrey Lush.

Cardholders are also reminded that in the Oshchad 24/7, you can pay for utility services without a fee, to make purchases, to exchange currency online or open deposits.

Chairman of the Board Andrew Lush appealed to the younger generation, and strongly asked that they explained to older people how to use the Bank’s services online, how to pay for communal services, buy products and make other payments without putting your life at risk.

Add a key Bank branch will work, but possible changes in their work schedule – reduction of time of the offices, establishing a different time for service of older people and other categories of customers, break for clinic hours.

To the Department allow no more than 3-5 people depending on the size of the room. All others must wait on the sidewalk.