Appeared probable date of announcement of the first 7-nanometer AMD Navi

Появилась вероятная дата анонса первых 7-нанометровых видеокарт AMD Navi

We already know that in 2019 the market will see the first graphic accelerator on 7-nanometer architecture Navi. Representatives of the company Advanced Micro Devices repeatedly noted the announcement, but the release date of the new graphics cards keep secret.

When I imagine a new graphics card? If you believe the informant resource WCCFTech, the presentation of 3D mapping on the architecture of Navi will take place a month after the release of the 7-nm processors Ryzen 3000 series. The latter is expected to debut at Computex 2019, and on the shelves they should arrive in July. Based on this, graphics card AMD Radeon Navi will be presented in August.

According to foreign journalists, the most likely place the announcement of new products will be the Gamescom 2019, which will be held from 21 to 24 August in Cologne.

Features of new products. They also believe that Navi could be the first graphics architecture, which is not a subspecies of the Graphics Core Next (GCN), which is used in Radeon open since 2012. For example, we are talking about avoiding the restrictions of 4096 stream processors on the GPU. According to the existing roadmap, the main advantage of the architecture AMD Navi should be “scalability” and “memory of the next generation.”

Появилась вероятная дата анонса первых 7-нанометровых видеокарт AMD Navi

Roadmap AMD

It is expected that new model will be equipped with GDDR6 chips, mass production of which was launched last year, and will come to market in several stages. In a familiar manner AMD needs to start with the release of sredneotraslevyh solutions, which next year will join high-end accelerators.

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