Apple 2019: what devices are “buried” company

Презентация Apple 2019: какие девайсы "похоронила" компания

During the presentation, Apple 2019, the company not only showed us the new devices, but announced the withdrawal from sale of some models. In particular, from sale removed some of the most popular models of the iPhone – “seven” and “seven +”.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is the latest smartphones, with aluminum housing. Frankly, they look outdated, so it is not surprising that they were removed from sale. Moreover. What is the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. They look like “sevens”, but has already received the glass case.

By the way, the company said that the cost of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus decreased to $ 449 (12 400 hryvnia) and 549 dollars (13 700 hryvnia), respectively.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max

In addition, the company “buried” and last year’s flagship model – iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Therefore, smartphones have repeated the history of the iPhone X.

Interestingly, iPhone Xr, which also received a successor – iPhone 11, with sales not removed. As told during the presentation of this model was the most popular iPhone in the world.

Презентация Apple 2019: какие девайсы "похоронила" компания

Last year’s flagships

Apple Watch Series 4

Another device that was removed from sale, steel smart watch Apple watch 4 generations. The new 5th generation has inherited many features of its predecessor, so leave Apple Watch 4 in the sale of the company is simply not profitable.

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