Apple allows you to clear the entire display for $999 only 5 cloth Apple

Apple разрешает очищать дисплей за $5 999 только салфеткой Apple

11.12.2019, 12:54

The most expensive Apple display Pro Display XDR cannot be cleared by traditional means. The device requires napkins Apple

Apple is forbidden to wipe your most expensive display Pro Display XDR anything but napkins. Those who lose, the firm recommends that you contact her and order another one, says the official portal of Apple support.

Such a limitation in the Apple explain the fact that the Apple Pro Display XDR has a version with glass with nanotextures. It provides a matte finish, which cuts glare and reflections, improving the overall comfort of working for such a display. This nanotexture because of its small penetration depth in the glass is not resistant to damage.

Apple also provided instructions on how to clean the very napkin for her Apple monitor. This piece of fabric is allowed to wash only by hands using soap and water. After washing you need to let it dry for at least 24 hours.

The Apple Pro Display XDR presented at the WWDC presentation, 2019 June 2019. This display has a diagonal of 32 inches and a resolution of 6K.

Apple display Pro Display XDR became famous thanks to its price of $4 999 for the basic version. It includes only the monitor, the stand must be purchased separately for $999. Model nanotextures costs $1000 more than the base version, increasing the price tag of the monitor to $5 999 without stand.

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