Apple asks you not to stick the camera of a MacBook: what’s the matter

Apple просит не заклеивать камеру MacBook: в чем дело

Apple просит не заклеивать камеру MacBook: в чем дело

Apple has published on its website the technical support manual, which asks users not to stick camera MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. So Apple is trying to protect the screens of their devices from external impact and damage. Users who are afraid of surveillance using the built-in camera, the company recommends to use regular means.

Apple explained that all of the MacBook is designed with minimal gaps between the keypad and display. So setting the camera extra film or lining may cause damage to the camera due to the additional burden on this element.

Additionally, Apple notes that the stickers on the camera or the protective lining can block the sensors adjust the color balance TrueTone and the auto brightness that are close to the camera.

Rules of operation of laptops Apple

Apple recalled that on her laptop next to the camera there is a led indicator always glows green when the camera is activated FaceTime HD. The user as an additional security measure, the company advises you to watch what is installed on their laptops, apps have permissions to use the camera.

A list of programs with such access can view it in “System settings” under “safety and security” on the tab “Privacy”, selecting the list in the left column of the item “Camera”.

If the user still needs to physically close the camera, you can use a small sticker of a thickness not exceeding 0.1 mm, which does not leave adhesive residue does not interfere with other sensors.

If the user does not have a sticker or overlay, then any other sticker or patch you want to remove from the screen surface and wipe the screen in the place of its location each time before closing the laptop lid.

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