Apple Card found unusual use

Apple Card нашли необычное применение

After the announcement of the iPad, many users jokingly called the tablet cutting Board from Apple. Now that users have a new reason for jokes: one of the bloggers found a rather unusual application of titanium credit card Apple Card.

Author YouTube channel Mirkojax ASMR decided to sharpen his Titan Apple Card. After more than an hour of hard work the card was sharp enough to catch up with a knife. For example, it can be used as a shuriken or cut paper.

But the biggest benefit from such a modified Apple Card’ll be in the kitchen. Paired with the iPad as a chopping Board with its help you can easily cut various vegetables, fruits and herbs when cooking. It seems that she is unaware that Apple released a real Swiss army knife.

The Apple Card has found application in the kitchen – watch the video

Recall that the first Apple users Card are faced with an unpleasant surprise. It was found that the titanium card is vulnerable to scratches and it cannot be worn in a leather purse or jeans pocket.

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