Apple declined to encrypt backups: what is the FBI

Apple planned to make your iCloud safer by adding encrypted backups. However, the company has changed its plans due to complaints of the FBI: this feature may interfere with the investigations.

What is known about the data encryption iCloud

More than two years ago Apple reported the FBI about their plans to offer users end-encryption (end-to-end) for data phones that are stored in iCloud. Such a move would increase the protection of consumers from hackers, and Apple would have no way to decrypt the encrypted data thus reports “League.Tech”.

The FBI agents in private talks with Apple objected to its plans. They said that such a move will deprive them of the most effective means of collecting evidence against the suspects with the iPhone.


Official comments about your decision, Apple does not. According to unconfirmed reports, the company no longer wants to quarrel with the official officials who accuse her of protecting the perpetrators.

Cases of conflict with the FBI

Companies have had to defend themselves in the courts due to charges on the withdrawal of user data beyond the accessibility of public agencies. Among such cases is the claim of the FBI against Apple due to access to iPhone arrow in San Bernardino in 2016. Then the security services themselves have withdrawn a lawsuit, finding a contractor that was able to hack the phone.

Other versions of the omission of encryption

Another version of the refusal ending encrypt backup iPhone to iCloud: caring about users. Apple wants to be able to return users their data if they cannot access them themselves.

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