Apple does not hide that “secret” spying on users

Apple makes a very large emphasis on the safety and security of their products. However, users of the newest iPhone 11 Pro found that in fact the company continuously monitors the location for unknown purposes.

The first issue spoke Brian Krebs is an American journalist and expert in the field of cybersecurity. He found that his iPhone 11 Pro in background and monitors location data even if you disable permissions for all system services and programs, reports KrebsonSecurity.

What is known about the problem

The Apple smartphones can completely disable the location feature in your device settings. If you do, a small arrow disappears from the status bar does not appear until you enable the option again.

However, in the menu you can manually disable this option for each installed on the gadget application and system services. But in practice it somewhat differently.

Apple spies on iPhone users 11 Pro – watch videos

In the presented video journalist showed that even with full disconnection location for all system services and applications in the settings, the GPS indicator still appears, indicating that it work.

Review Apple

On November 13, Krebs has contacted Apple for clarification, and after almost a month the company gave an official response.

We do not see any real security issues. Conceived that the icon of location services appears in the status bar when location services is turned on. In this case, the icon indicates the operation of system services, in which no switch in the settings
– posted by Apple representatives in response to the journalist.

Thus, in smartphones, Apple has hidden services that continuously monitor the location of users and which to turn off manually.

Problems in other models

Interestingly, Brian Krebs has tested it on older models like the iPhone 8, but this problem could not be detected.

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