Apple filed a lawsuit against developers who have installed Android on an iPhone

Shortly after a group of enthusiasts Corellium ported Android on iPhone, Apple reacted to such manipulation of its branded devices. “Apple” Corporation has filed a lawsuit against the startup.

What about porting Android to iPhone

With a software solution Sandcastle that is in the beta stage, users can not only hack iOS-gadget, but to install a fresh version of Android.

At the moment this method has some limitations: the hacking can only be the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and once installed part of the functions of the smartphone is unavailable.

Apple reaction to such actions

Apple such manipulations outraged and the Corporation appealed to the court, stating that Corellium violates copyright law and infringes on a trademark, according to My Drives.

Apple подала иск против разработчиков, которые установили Android на iPhone

Apple подала иск против разработчиков, которые установили Android на iPhone

Developers continue to develop your project Sandcastle

What the developers say Sandcastle

On the current charges the start-up representatives have not yet responded, but the developers openly stated that Apple is too severely restricts the choice of owners of iOS devices.

Corellium criticizes Apple for limiting users ‘ ability to work in a “sandbox” system and continues to improve the functionality of the Sandcastle Project, while the American company is trying to “strangle” a similar project with lawsuits.

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