Apple for the first time in ten years released the game for iPhone

Компания Apple впервые за десять лет выпустила игру для iPhone

The game is based on the life experiences of billionaire Warren Buffett. The new model is available absolutely free in the App store. This is the first game released since the launch of App Store in 2008.

In the new game Buffett?s Paper Wizard users need to do a paper route by bike, while dodging the flying birds and machines. For exact hit in the purpose and the number of delivered Newspapers credited the points. The game is based on a similar experience, billionaire Warren Buffett, who in childhood was a paperboy and is currently the third richest person in the world.

Recall that the last game of Texas Hold’em Apple released in 2008, which stayed on the market for more than three years. Warren Buffett?Wizard s Paper was developed by specialists of the Wildlife Designs, but by all rights Apple, which plans to continue to support the game.