Apple has called the most intelligent way to buy a new iPhone

Apple has launched a new festive offer for buyers of the iPhone. In particular, the company offered users a “smart idea” to buy a new smartphone.

According to the official website of the company, Apple launched a new advertising campaign called “the smartest way to buy your next iPhone”.

The campaign is designed for users who have a corporate credit card Apple Card.

How to use this service

A credit card holder Apple Card can buy iPhone in installments. Users will be able to pay the cost of the new parts within 24 months. The monthly payment for the smartphone include in the minimum payment on a credit card.

For example, the official website iPhone 8 can be bought for $ 500. This new proposal seeks that this smartphone, you can pay 18,70 USD per month. Monthly fee for iPhone is 11 41.62 USD.

In addition, holders of credit cards Apple Card company has increased the cashback on their technique with 3 to 6% by the end of 2019.

What is known about the Apple Card?This corporate credit card is Apple, which can be used with Apple Pay. While the card is valid only in the United States. The company assured that the card is extremely reliable. On iPhone for Apple Card generates a unique card number that is stored in a special security chip, which uses Apple Pay.

Each purchase is secure, as it is authorized using Face ID or Touch ID and a one-time unique dynamic security code.

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