Apple has patented a new way of sound transmission for AirPods

Apple запатентовала новый способ передачи звука для AirPods

The number of Apple-owned patents is measured in the thousands, but the company’s engineers are not resting on our laurels and continue to register new applications. The US patent office has published technical documentation for a new principle of sound transmission to the wearable category, which can be applied in the new generation of headsets AirPods.

Apple received a patent on the technology of sound reproduction through vibration, which must be transmitted through the skull bone of the user. This principle involves the effect of bone conduction: sound wave is transmitted to the inner ear and eardrum, using as a guide the bone tissue.

It is noteworthy that the headset with a similar technology can reproduce the sound under water, and can also be used as a hearing aid for deaf people. While the ear remains open and does not require in-ear earphone.

This technology provides for the transmission of sound in the frequency band up to 4000 Hz with good quality and significant deterioration in the output outside the given frequency threshold. Human hearing detects sounds with frequency from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Moreover, for smooth operation of the earphone of this type required close contact with the scalp, and the work of this accessory during a vibration can cause an unpleasant sensation of itching or tickling.

Apple engineers have proposed to solve this problem by using audiokompression that will transmit the sounds in the low and mid-frequency spectra using the bone tissue, and higher frequencies through the air. According to the authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the headset by the use of such technology should come under the name of AirPods 3 in mid-2021. The company can save the current design of the model AirPods Pro.

Apple запатентовала новый способ передачи звука для AirPods

Apple запатентовала новый способ передачи звука для AirPods