Apple has shown what can the new iPad Pro

Apple показала, на что способен новый iPad Pro

At the end of last year, Apple reinvented the tablet. The new iPad Pro has become the biggest upgrade of the line’s signature “pill” of the company’s history, one step closer the era of post-PC. But, because of its gradual onset was not obvious to all, in Cupertino decided to give us some hints. To do this, Apple has prepared a series of informational videos depicting the tasks to fulfill that iPad Pro is not only convenient but also very effective.

In total, Apple has released five clips that tell about the iPad Pro as a very versatile device that can do many things.

How to create presentations on the iPad Pro

The first movie centered around the creation of presentations. It lists the functions of the iPad Pro, thanks to which this process becomes even more convenient than on the computer. Run a full multi-tasking, drag and drop the image in Keynote, add a signature using Pencil and start playback on the big screen using AirPlay. Never create presentations.

Why the iPad Pro is ideal for notes

The second video talks about the effectiveness of the iPad Pro as a tool for creating notes. If previously, iPad users could just dial their thoughts on the virtual keyboard, now they have a lot more possibilities. Support Pencil brought the opportunity to leave written notes with the possibility of turning in the printed text, draw, add photos and even sounds.

iPad Pro design

The third video proves that the new iPad Pro can be used not only as an office tool, but when creating design projects. Part of applications that contribute to your development as a designer, already preinstalled on the tablet. For example, the app “Roulette”.

It can help you make the necessary measurements, and then using third-party software with support for augmented reality, to add the necessary items and evaluate how they will look in the interior before the purchase. Came? Well, the only thing left to confirm a purchase using Face ID and wait for delivery.

How to scan documents on iOS

With the new iPad Pro you no longer need paper. This confirms the fourth video in the series. Scanning and signing documents, printing and drawing – now all this can be done directly on the tablet using regular tools. Take care of nature in a way that takes care of her Apple.

How to record podcasts on the iPad Pro

iPad Pro is the perfect tool to create content, including podcasts. Multi-connector USB-C will allow you to connect an external microphone, professional will provide for the necessary settings of the voices, and full multitasking enables you to use the tablet screen as a prompter. All you have to do is record a podcast, to keep it and add the necessary sound effects are available in GarageBand. Now who will say that the iPad is not good for content creation?

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