Apple increasingly difficult to compete with Chinese manufacturers

Apple все сложнее конкурировать с китайскими производителями

We all know that Apple pays great attention to the China market. The company has repeatedly demonstrated how she is important to the region. The desire to win the trust of Chinese consumers is understandable – given the huge scale and volume of retail trade. But Apple harder to keep their positions with each passing day, more and more Chinese customers are starting to choose smartphones from other major manufacturers.

According to the publication Reuters, Apple’s market share in China in the segment of devices cost 500-800 dollars decreased from 81.2% to 54.6%. The thing is that such manufacturers as Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo, are offering their flagship smartphones at much more affordable prices. And with all this, they are even more functional, due to a more open operating system.

Most buyers in China are not willing to buy a smartphone worth more than $ 1,000. And the segment of cheaper devices (up to $ 800) was taken by other major Chinese producers, said Neil Shah, research Director Counterpoint.

Now Apple is actively promoting innovations in China, and even lowers prices. But alas, it does not give great results. According to a study by Counterpoint, many Chinese consumers believe that the iPhone is not the most advanced smartphone. For example, the flagship smartphone from Huawei is equipped with the best cameras on the market. And the company Vivo offers a truly frameless portrait smartphones with fingerprint readers. This approach, of course, attracted most of the buyers previously using iPhone.