Apple introduced its own ARM processors Silicon: what gadgets will get the new chips

Apple представила собственные ARM-процессоры Silicon: какие гаджеты получат новые чипы

Apple представила собственные ARM-процессоры Silicon: какие гаджеты получат новые чипы

Except for OS upgrades, within Special Event WWDC 2020 Apple presented its own chip for the Mac – Apple Silicon. The following products will work on it.

Earlier analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told that the first computers based on ARM processors will be a 13.3-inch laptop MacBook Pro and the new 24-inch AIO iMac. 24 channel watched a presentation of the Apple and chose the most important points about the new processors Silicon.

Apple is developing a line of single-chip platforms for different Mac with different features, but the overall architecture. The company promises new levels of performance and significant improvement in the energy consumption. In the demo, Apple showed smooth work of the computer in Lightroom photo editor with lots of layers and Final Cut with 4K videos.

As software written for Intel processors

Technology Rosetta 2 allows you to run applications built for Intel chips, on a new Mac with Apple Silicon, automatically optimizing the platform during launch. This also applies to games. According to Apple, to developers a full translation of its programs to a new platform would take “a few days” – the company will provide all necessary tools, including Developer Transition Kit, which consists of a Mac mini based on Apple A12Z c 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD.

Meanwhile, Apple discontinues the Mac on the Intel – there are plans for multiple devices. The first computer based on Apple Silicon will be released at the end of this year, the full transition will take two years.

Why Apple’s ARM processors

The analyst also said that the move to ARM processors will allow Apple to achieve a significant jump in performance. According to him, the new computers will be approximately 50-100% more powerful than the predecessors based on Intel chips.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will completely abandon Intel processors in mid-2021 by moving their computers with ARM chips.

WWDC 2020

Monday 22 June hosted a conference for developers Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2020. This year it was held exclusively online because of the pandemic, COVID-19. Showed 14 new iOS, macOS 14 Big Sur and a lot of interesting.

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