Apple is developing new accessories for photo on iPhone

Apple разрабатывает новые аксессуары для фото на iPhone

The iPhone 11 and above may soon start to support new accessories for photography, including the special flare that connect via a built-in Lightning connector device. This is reported by sources informed about the new specifications provided to manufacturers of accessories in the updated licensing tool for Apple iPhone (MFi). The document provides for new types of accessories, such as, for example, flash for iPhone, which connects via the Lightning. It will work similarly to the Smart Battery Case.

The new specifications will allow the accessory flash in sync with built-in flash device and also to pair with wireless technology. Theoretically, the Lightning connection may also allow the accessory to simultaneously charge (or to charge the iPhone) through Lightning, as is the case with other MFi accessories such as batteries, game controllers and headsets.

New accessories for iPhone

Currently, there are several accessories for the iPhone with flash like Lume Cube, but they all use Bluetooth to connect and does not correspond to the MFi program. Lume Cube also has an optical sensor for use as an external flash, which syncs with the built-in flash of the iPhone camera.

Another hardware accessory called Tric was developed to synchronize third-party flash with the iPhone, but all current solutions are also forced photographers to pair via Bluetooth and use a third-party application manufacturer of accessories for the synchronization of the shutter button with built-in flash iPhone. With a new program MFi, perhaps Apple will allow you to synchronize your accessories with shutter button is the default camera on the iPhone or, more simply, with any third party camera app.