Apple is now exploring women’s health, hearing, and heart disease

Apple теперь изучает женское здоровье, слух и заболевания сердца

In cooperation with leading medical institutions, when Apple announced the early studies of hearing, women’s health and heart.

In Los Angeles hosted the annual presentation of Apple. In addition to the presentation of new gadgets in the Apple announced three pioneering research in the field of health.

Together with Harvard school of public health. T. H. Chan and the National Institute of environmental Sciences Apple will study the health of women, particularly the menstrual cycle and gynecological diseases.

Research will focus on the study of conditions like polycystic ovaries syndrome, infertility, osteoporosis, pregnancy and menopause.

In addition, the company said it will study heart disease. It will cooperate with the American Association of cardiology. Apple will investigate how brisk walking and climbing stairs are associated with heart health and quality of life.

Apple теперь изучает женское здоровье, слух и заболевания сердца

Apple will consider the relationship of health status with the pace of walking

And together with specialists from the University of Michigan, Apple will examine the factors influencing the hearing. Such a study will provide the first opportunity to understand how daily interaction with sound can affect hearing in the long term.

By the way, the new Apple Watch 5 has a function controlling the volume – if everything is too loud, the watch give an indication to the user that it may damage his hearing.

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