Apple is preparing a unique self-patent

Apple готовит уникальный селфи-патент

The principles of social distancing continue to have a significant impact on our daily existence, and therefore it is not surprising to observe a huge rise in popularity of various programs and apps for organizations, video chats and conferences. However, some users also experience problems with the inability to make a selfie with your friends and family is one of the favorite types of photos these days. This is why a separate team of Apple designers decided to present to these users a surprise in the face of his new patent, which offers such opportunity in real-time.

We are talking about special software of Apple, which is still in the stage of closed beta testing and running, but which now – according to the leading developer – is a really promising project. This software allows you to combine individual users into a single frame, including the front camera, thus eliminating one of the main problems in the implementation of the selfie standard ways – namely, the problem of extremely narrow angle of view when shooting.

Moreover, this software should enable you not only to do a selfie with the front camera of the wider review, but also continue to work with the video conferences and chats, thus combining the frames of individual users, and to do so at some specified background. This approach to words seems really simple and intuitive, but Apple still need to do a lot of work in the direction of optimization and improvement of the project, because it needs to work effectively in any situation.

It is worth noting the fact that their interest in improving the functionality and possibilities of this kind of software and third-party video chats, Apple said long before the beginning of the current pandemic of coronavirus in the world – not to mention the fact to offer users something really competent in terms of building wide selfie frame without the use of third-party hardware and paid software.

Apple готовит уникальный селфи-патент


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