Apple is preparing its own project of satellite Internet

The iPhone maker is going to join the ranks of companies that distribute the Internet from orbit. In the same way as SpaceX, the company is preparing to launch satellites that will provide users with a direct connection to the global network to bypass the mobile operators.

Apple hired to work on this project about a dozen engineers in the field of aerospace engineering, satellite systems and telecommunications. The first results should appear after five years, said Bloomberg, citing its own sources inside Apple.

What is known about the Apple

The project is now taking its first steps, and can even be closed. The precise direction and methods of using satellites has not yet been determined. However, CEO Tim cook shows interest in this program.

Interest Apple to telecommunications satellites and wireless technology, next-generation suggests that the company wants to transmit data directly to the user on the device. The company can also use satellites for more precise location tracking of iPhones that will allow you to generate more detailed maps and to develop new features.

Other details of the project

To lead a team will be Michael Trela and John Fenwick, who worked in the company Skybox Imaging purchased by Google in 2014. During the first year and a half in the Apple they studied the applications of satellite technologies for solving problems of the company, and in recent months have started to work on a project in emergency mode. In addition, recently, the team was hired new specialists in aerospace engineering and satellite communications.

It is unclear whether Apple itself to engage in the manufacture of satellites or intends to use ground equipment to receive data from the already running machines from other companies – Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin or Boeing. Apple representatives have so far refrained from any official comments regarding this project.

The complexity of

If Apple wants to launch its own satellites, it may face other restrictions. The fact that the Federal communications Commission (FCC) of the USA finished to accept applications for allocation of the available frequency range in November 2016.

In addition, the company also may face resistance from competitors, as happened recently with the draft head of Amazon Jeff Bezos, when SpaceX and other companies have opposed its implementation.

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