Apple is thinking about launching Apple Books in Russia

Apple задумалась о запуске Apple Books в России

Despite the fact that sometimes Apple makes concessions for the Russian market, which are mainly expressed in a more loyal pricing policy, he is definitely not a priority for the company. It is for this reason that many Apple services or work we are not at full strength or not work at all. One of them is Apple Books, who takes the role of a very convenient tool for reading books, not permitting to buy any one works in the Russian language. But maybe everything will change soon.

According to “Vedomosti”, the representatives of Apple visited Moscow to study the Russian market of electronic books. During the visit, the delegation held several meetings with local publishers, discussed the device of this sector, prospects for its further development, and – most importantly – the problem of piracy. From this we can draw the logical conclusion that the Russian market is of interest to Apple as a potential site for the spread of the influence of Apple Books.

Apple Books in Russia

Apple is not the first time interested in the Russian market of electronic books. According to rumors, the company has already shown interest in this field in 2013-2014, however, rejected the idea of creation of the Russian segment of the Apple Books. Perhaps the role played by political disputes between Russia and the West which, according to rumors, also delayed output to the domestic market streaming service Spotify registered in the country of your legal entity, but never used them.

The whole idea of the launch of Apple Books in Russia can be assessed only from a positive point of view. The ability to buy e-books (and many do buy them) in one place should further urge the Russian market of electronic books, which last year grew by nearly half from that of 2017. Now the main thing that Apple have correctly placed priorities and opportunities launched the Apple Books and change my mind like last time.