Apple may have a few months to postpone the release of the first iPhone 5G

The company is considering to postpone the release of the first iPhone line 5G, because the coronavirus pandemic threatens global demand and the timetable of production of smartphones.

This was announced by the publication the Nikkei Asian Review on Wednesday. After this news the market reacted with the fall in shares of Apple Inc. approximately 0.6% at the end of trading.

The publication notes that the company is discussing the possibility to postpone the planned September release of new smart phones for a few months. That is, see the iPhone 5G, it is possible that we will be able or at the end of the year, or, more realistically, at the beginning of 2021. However, the new launch date for the iPhone 5G are still unknown.

Apple is concerned that the current situation will significantly weaken the willingness of consumers to upgrade their smartphones, resulting in reaction to the release of the first iPhone 5G line can be restrained,
– tells one of sources.

Expected, Apple expects the new iPhone will be a hit, and the odds are less, given how the situation develops with the pandemic.

Apple shares finished Wednesday’s trading with a decline by 0.55%. However, during the additional trading they pared losses and rose 0.8%.

Apple will open stores in April

Meanwhile Bloomberg, citing a staff memo from the Vice-President of the Deirdre O’brien reports that some Apple retail stores will start to open in the first half of April.

Now we expect that some stores might open in the first half of April depending on conditions in their region. We will notify information for each store as soon as you will set a specific date,
the report says o’brien.

Top Manager said that the health and safety of employees is a priority for the company.

458 Apple closed its retail stores outside of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as part of a campaign to reduce the spread of infection Covid-19. Before it was closed the Chinese point Apple Store, but soon was again launched.

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