Apple Music ahead of Spotify’s paying subscribers?

Apple Music обогнала Spotify по количеству платных подписчиков?

A historic moment – streaming service Apple Music for the first time surpassed the number of paid subscribers to its main competitor in the face of Spotify. However, so far only in the United States. But judging by the pace of development, the global dominance of Apple Music will not keep you waiting. This was reported by the authoritative edition of the Wall Street Journal, citing its own informed sources.

According to the source, in February Apple Music was recorded about 28 million subscribers in the United States. At that time Spotify could “boast” only 26 million paid listeners. The publication claim that the music platform Apple is developing by leaps and bounds every month the number of subscribers to the Apple Music grows on average by 3%, while the rate of growth Spotify leaves much to be desired – 1,5-2%.

Edition of the Wall Street Journal gives only approximate figures – Apple and Spotify has never revealed the number of subscribers in certain regions. In calculation did not undertake those users who use the free version of Spotify or a trial period in Apple Music.

However, in the world market Spotify still holds the palm. According to statistics, at the end of last year, Spotify was 207 million active users, 96 of whom pay for a subscription or place a trial period. Other users prefer the free version of the Swedish service. Needless to say, Apple Music still have a lot of work – currently the service has about 55 million paid subscribers.

Recall that Apple introduced its streaming service in June 2015. At that time in the market fully dominated by Spotify, which was launched in October 2008.