Apple officially canceled AirPower

Apple официально отменила AirPower

Bad news for all who are waiting for wireless charging from Apple. The AirPower project was officially canceled. This became known after the relevant statement of Vice-President Apple on the development of hardware Dan Riccio. According to him, the company is forced to abandon the ambitious project wireless platform from numerous technical problems.

About the problems with the production and development of AirPower became known in the middle of last year. Almost all leaks have indicated that Apple’s wireless station has a number of design flaws, and it was assumed that the mass market it will be available as soon as they are resolved all the problems identified. Alas, it seems that the engineers were unable to resolve all the critical shortcomings of the charging platform.

According to the Vice-President, Apple failed to bring the product to perfection.

After much effort we came to the conclusion that AirPower will never meet our highest quality standards. We apologize to all those customers who were eagerly waiting for the launch of AirPower. We are deeply convinced that the future belongs to wireless technologies, that is why we will continue to develop in this direction, – said Dan Riccio, Apple’s Vice President of development hardware.

However, this scenario is quite understandable: AirPower in technical terms is much more complex than conventional inductive charging standard Qi. To ensure the impact of energy on the entire surface of the platform and for each type of device, Apple engineers took place on the motherboard AirPower components and sensors of different sizes, which was an extraordinary challenge due to its small size.