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Apple Pay та Google Pay можуть втратити популярність через європейські закони - Техно 24

In the near future, the banking organization may refuse the use of Face ID as a single method of identification when logging in mobile apps.

Reported by Forbes.

Required by the European Directive on payment services, which will come into force in September 2019 and will demand from customers of banks the mandatory use of two-factor authentication when you sign in to ensure conservation savings.

In accordance with the provisions of the Directive, the biometric methods of identification, regardless of type, can not be considered sufficiently reliable means of confirming the identity of the user and should be supplemented by the unique “knowledge” or a unique “tool identification”. This legislation provides for the password or secret phrase, or a special token, the scanning of which is coupled with the sensing face or fingerprint to confirm authorization.

Apple Pay та Google Pay можуть втратити популярність через європейські закони - Техно 24
The new law will require banks to mandatory use of two-factor authentication when logging in to web banking

Except the entrance to banking, two-factor authentication will also be required in the implementation of almost all important actions with the account from the transfer funds to make a purchase via the Internet. This greatly complicates the use of online banking, having rejected the industry in the development of a few years ago, when even the fingerprint scanners were rare.

Especially terrible for services like Apple Pay, which also must obey the European laws and to oblige users to confirm the identity of the other method.

According to Mark Curran Director of banking in Clysdale & Yorkshire Bank – banks will have to work hard to their applications to simultaneously execute the law and to preserve the same level of convenience for users.

To facilitate the process of interaction with accounts, developers can make to check the balance, transactions carried out and information on cashback didn’t need to confirm the identity of daofactory system, using only biometrics. The rest, alas, to simplify the access will fail.

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