Apple plans to turn iPhone into a universal key for car

In the beta version of the mobile operating system iOS 13.4 had an interesting feature. It allows you to use your iPhone or Apple Watch as a proximity key for the car. The main condition – the presence of NFC. New feature looks attractive thanks to flexible configuration of access.

New API CarKey, which will allow you to do this, found in 13.4 iOS, according to 9to5mac.

How to work the new option

During this procedure, a gadget you need to keep close. Because activation does not require Face ID, there is an assumption that to unlock the vehicle even when you turn off the smartphone or smart-watch.

The system will work through the Wallet app. You will also need a branded mobile client car manufacturer. A characteristic feature was the fact that the owner of the car can transfer the access to other family members.

Apple планирует превратить iPhone в универсальный ключ для автомобиля

Apple планирует превратить iPhone в универсальный ключ для автомобиля

CarKey will allow you to open the car using NFC

It seems that now Apple is actively working with several car manufacturers to further integrate CarKey. Likely that a new option of activation of the vehicle without any physical key will be available after the release of the final iOS version 13.4.

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