Apple rejects allegations of market dominance and anti-competitive behavior

Apple отвергает обвинения в доминировании на рынке и антиконкурентном поведении

Apple’s key business segments which become the target of several antitrust investigations in the European Union, rejected the allegations of market dominance, stating that it competes with Google, Samsung and other companies. This at a speech at the Forum Europe conference, said the head of the Apple App Store and the Apple Media Services Daniel Matray (Daniel Matray).

We compete with a variety of companies such as Google, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, LG, Lenovo and many others. In fact Apple does not occupy a dominant position in any market, we face strong competition in all categories, tablets, Wearables, desktops and laptops, maps, music, payments, messaging and more, “said Mr. Matra.

Recall that in this month the European Commission launched several investigations to find out whether Apple violates competition rules. Currently, the Antimonopoly office examines the business of digital content and App Store payment system, Apple Pay.

During his speech, Matrai noted that the same rules apply to big and small developers, and 85 % of apps don’t have to pay a Commission of 30 %, as this applies only to products that use proprietary payment service Apple Pay.