Apple released the second game in the company’s history: what is known about it

Apple выпустила вторую игру в истории компании: что о ней известно

Apple is in no hurry to become a gaming giant, though involved in the creation of mobile games. However, kuperjanovi provided in the App Store its first in the last 10 years, she became only the second in the history of the company.

The plot of the game. As reported by Venturebeat, the game is called Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard tells of his youth, Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world.

Your way to a multibillion-dollar state well-known entrepreneur started out as a paperboy, and that’s what Apple is offering a deal to gamers. Reporters noted that the novelty is largely similar to the Paperboy, which was released by Atari.

Apple выпустила вторую игру в истории компании: что о ней известно

A screenshot from the game Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard

The store Creator Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard listed Wildlife Design, but the copyrights belong to Apple.

What is known about the first game to Apple. The first game in the history of the company were Texas Hold’em, which in 2011 was removed from the App Store. It is unknown whether will suffer the same fate a novelty, but it can be downloaded for free from the store.

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