Apple showed a unique feature-self-camera in iPhone 11: video

One of the most noticeable improvements every generation of iPhone except the CPU, becomes camera. Apple paid the most attention to the main camera, however, it now strives to improve the front camera.

What is known about new features

In the new commercials, the Corporation has demonstrated the possibility of self-sensor, and iPhone iPhone 11 11 Pro in extreme conditions.

As a new genre that will complement a selfie, Apple introduced “slofi”. This short videos that can be deciphered as “Slo-Mo Selfie”. Time lapse camera showcased in new video commercial company – Backflip and Whiteout.

Promotional video Apple – watch videos

During video recording smartphone literally went through a flurry of snow, but given the protection from moisture and water, such a “cold shower” he was not afraid.

The unique capabilities of the front camera of the iPhone 11

If the classical slowing the video Slo-Mo appeared in Apple a few years ago, slope is a unique feature available only in iPhone iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

Features front camera in iPhone 11 watch the video

On assurances of the company, the new generation of front-facing cameras installed in the iPhone 11 is able to support shooting at up to 120 fps. With 12-megapixel sensor also capable of capturing 4K video at 60 fps kariv-enabled Smart mode HDR for expanded color gamut.

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