Apple started to block the “wrong” battery for iPhone

Apple начала блокировать «чужие» аккумуляторы для iPhone

Requires battery change only in its own stores.

Apple has activated the program that blocks replacement batteries from other manufacturers, according to Gizmodo. If the user wants to put in their model of the “left” battery information about charging, peak performance, and maximum capacity on the device’s screen will not be displayed. Thus the company is struggling with their competitors and trying to force users to go to its service shops.

If the client will supply your gadget the battery third party, instead of the data on the screen will begin to display an indicator called “Service” with the implication that the owner needs to carry their phone or in an authorized service center Apple or Genius Bar (special section in retail stores Apple Store).

Moreover, the company decided to block not only the “other” batteries, but also their own. But only if they were set into the gadget in any “foreign” service. Even if the client will try to rearrange on your camera battery on the other model Apple the indicators on the battery still will not be displayed. The only way is to pay the company for the provision of services directly.