Apple testing new iPhone with a triple camera and USB port With

Apple тестирует новые iPhone с тройной камерой и портом USB-С

In 2019, Apple is planning to introduce a smartphone with triple main camera. It is reported Bloomberg citing sources familiar with the company’s plans. Latest-generation iPhone on the rear panel are two cameras, but competitors from the camp Android already showed the solution with a large number of lenses main camera.

The successor to XS Max will be a third camera module, which will be responsible for a wider shooting angle. This supposedly will allow pictures and videos to automatically restore the objects that happened to be clipped in the normal shooting mode. In addition, the “live photos” are not limited to three and six seconds.

All three iPhone last year, will get a successor in the form of updated models 2019. However, the hardware design significant changes can be expected. Except that the Lightning connector can be replaced with USB-C. At least in the company test this possibility.