Apple wants to buy the Studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Why is it her?

Apple хочет купить студию Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Зачем она ей?

When Apple has just announced the launch of Apple TV+, and many doubted that the company would satisfy videoplease only content of its own production. After all, in order to release at least a dozen other films and TV series, we need, first, huge financial investments, which may not be justified, and, secondly, several teams of highly qualified actors, Directors and screenwriters, not to mention the decorators, the lighting, the operators and other personnel. So it seemed quite logical that the company will post on Apple TV and foreign content. However, in Cupertino have decided otherwise and have focused only on his own. But it could even be something released by someone else, isn’t it?

Apple is considering buying the Studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer along with all the paintings for which she is, according to CNBC. However, in addition to Apple, the acquisition of a Hollywood filmmaker in the same way Netflix is struggling within the program to expand its influence. According to the publication, the transaction amount can be in the region of $ 10 billion, which, given the extensive library of films owned by MGM, is quite adequate and the expected number.
Metro Goldwyn Mayer is an American Studio that specializiruetsya on the production and rental of film and video. From 1924 to 1942, MGM was the undisputed leader of the Hollywood film industry. However, after the collapse of the Studio system, she was unable to readjust to the changes that have occurred in Hollywood, and after repeated change of ownership announced in 2010 bankruptcy, but soon overcame it and resumed the production of films.

Why would Apple need Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Buying Metro Goldwyn Mayer for Apple can be a serious investment that will turn her good dividends. Not only that, in this case, the company will be able to post to Apple TV+ movies made by the Studio, and to earn royalties from cinemas, third-party platforms and cinemas that will show it. And to pay, frankly, is for what. Metro Goldwyn Mayer is the owner of such franchises as Bond, Mad Max, rocky, and other popular films.

At the same time do not forget that now MGM is owned by Sony Pictures, which may leave some of the franchise behind him. However, Apple is interested not only and not so much it as the top management of the Studio, which will help her to build a more competent strategy of expansion of the film market. Despite the fact that Apple is moving in the right direction, companies need knowledgeable people from the fields of film, who will manage it, will help to find outlets to the producers and other people able to assist in development. After all, Apple TV+ is clearly not a temporary history and a long-term project, which later should become one of key items of income of the company.

Who will get the MGM

But who will take the MGM – Apple or Netflix? The answer to this question yet. On the one hand, Apple Studio is much more useful, and Netflix to date such purchases are made, coping on their own. But keep in mind that the MGM trailer probably a few Grand kinofranshizy, to lose who don’t want even a proud Netflix. Therefore, the question of the sale may be decided by auction, the winner of which will be the company that will offer the Studio the largest amount. And who is going to learn this year, because such products on the shelves usually do not lie.