Apple wants to get out of China up to 30% of their products

Apple хочет вывести из Китая до 30% производства своих продуктов

Apple is studying the possibility to withdraw from China up to 30% of their products that are manufactured there. This writes the financial newspaper Nikkei, citing its sources. The company turned to its partners Foxconn and Pegatron, and Wistron to examine the options of relocation of production.

The trigger for these reflections has become an ongoing trade battle between China and the United States. The American President recently imposed a 25 percent duty on electronic devices from China. However, Apple is going to partially withdraw from China, even if the trade war will be resolved. The company no longer wants to centrally put all your eggs in one basket.

New items collection of Apple products can become Vietnam, India, Mexico, Indonesia or Malaysia. The move will need at least a year and a half in the worst case it will take three years.

According to different estimates, one way or another with the production of Apple products and components for it in China is associated with about 5 million people.