Apple Watch 4 saved the life of pensioner

Apple Watch 4 спас жизнь пенсионеру

We have previously mentioned that some of the new features of smart hours Apple Watch Series 4, helped users in life-threatening situations. Recently there was another such case, when the gadget literally saved the life of owner.

As the newspaper writes NRK, the new function definition drops saved the life of a Norwegian pensioner. 67-year-old Coral Osting fell in the bathroom and while he was home alone. In the fall he injured his skull.

Like helped smart watch. Apple Watch the new generation has a function which detects the fall of user. If the owner does not respond within a minute, watch what you can send a message in an ambulance.

It happened in this case. As told by the paramedic when they arrived at the call – Osting was unconscious and bleeding.

Apple Watch 4 спас жизнь пенсионеру

Watch themselves called an ambulance

Earlier, the Tech told 24 that the Apple Watch Series 4 has got a unique feature of the electrocardiogram. So, one of the few times users have experienced this function and each time the watch recorded the violation of the sinus rhythm of the heart. After that, the man still went to the doctor and confirmed the diagnosis hours.

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