Apple Watch half lay in the water and continued to work

Apple Watch полгода пролежал в воде и продолжал работать

Surfer Robert Bainter lost his Apple Watch while riding the waves. And six months later he returned to the smart watch and they continued to work.

As appleinsider writes, surfer lost gadget with the conquest of one of the waves in the Pacific ocean. It is more hours trying to find an Apple Watch, but to no avail.

Six months later, the watch found a man living by the beach. As he spoke, the device found when I was looking for turtles. The watch was unharmed, though they have faded a little display.

Useful functions. Smart watch Apple Watch, in addition to strength, have other of use functions. So, earlier we wrote that he saved the life of pensioner.

4 generations of the Apple Watch has a feature which detects the fall of user and if he’s not moving, then the watch sends a message to the ambulance. In this case, man fell and lost consciousness. Therefore, the gadget he called an ambulance.

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