Apple Watch popular Swiss watches

With the popularity of smart watches classical models begin to take positions in the market. According to the analytical Agency Strategy Analytics, at the end of 2019 wearable electronics Apple surpassed sales of all the distinguished Swiss manufacturers.

These studies

According to published statistics, in 2019, Apple has sold 30.7 million smart hours – 36% more than the year before.

For comparison, the supply of hours of a major Swiss brands including Swatch, Tissot and TAG Heuer, was 21.1 million copies over the same period.

First Apple overtook Swiss brands in sales in 2017, but only two years later sales of smart watches have been recognized as a record stable in each season.


Where better to sell the Apple Watch

According to analysts, the most popular of the Apple Watch are in North America, Western Europe and Asia. Analog watches are now in demand mostly by the older generations.

How the Apple Watch managed to become the market leader

The Agency suggests that traditional models behind natalienatalie due to the presence of Apple’s broader distribution channels and policies the company focused on gaining recognition of the youth audience.

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