Apple Watch saved a man after a fall from a cliff

Apple Watch спас человека после падения со скалы

We have repeatedly said that the functions of smart hours Apple Watch (4th and 5th generation) saved the life of its users. We are talking about the function of fixing the downs, which is to call relatives or emergency services.

Writes PhoneArena, another such case occurred when the clock was saved by the user, plucked from the rocks.

Details. The incident occurred with James Prudenciano. The guy climbed the rock, but suddenly slipped and fell. He had three fractures.

This fall has fixed the clock and gave the coordinates to rescuers. So the guy managed to find and rescue. However, in Ukraine this function is not available.

Apple Watch saved that guy

Another important function is monitoring of heart rhythm. We have also seen cases where the watch recommend the user to consult a doctor, because revealed the heart problem.

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