Apple will allow third-party developers to enhance the functionality of the iPhone camera 11

Apple позволит сторонним разработчикам улучшить функционал камеры iPhone 11

Apparently, Apple began to attach more importance to their cameras in the new models of the iPhone – in particular in a future iPhone model 11, which will receive three sensor camera at their disposal. And, besides the fact that the manufacturer is actively working to improve the functionality of the cameras, it also became known that it will provide an opportunity for third-party manufacturers to offer users a variety of accessories to improve the visual quality of shooting and photos on iPhone 11, in particular, providing the opportunity to create their own model of photographic light devices to improve the quality of digital recording.

Given the fact that the new smartphone will have three cameras – ultra-wide, wide and telefoniczna – it becomes clear that the potential of the iPhone 11 in the context of the cameras is getting really huge. In addition, it is worth noting the trend that for the past couple of years, many people actively involved in shootings of professional or semi-professional level, one way or another uses their iPhone as a secondary tool, if your main DSLR-devices will fail.

It is expected that the iPhone 11 will be presented to a significantly higher level of photographic clarity, which means that the use of third-party accessories to improve your shooting is an excellent idea in the context of such a quick replacement DSLR-cameras. Of course, despite all its charm and quality, the sensor of the iPhone still hard to call a full replacement for more expensive devices that are specifically designed to lead a good shooting.

According to the news and information from insiders with the Internet portal 9to5Mac, Apple has already signed preliminary contracts with several manufacturers of LED lighting and lighting for professional photography, with the aim to initiate the development of a new class of auxiliary accessories that will help significantly improve the image quality. It only remains to wait for confirmation of other information about what Apple is preparing.

Apple позволит сторонним разработчикам улучшить функционал камеры iPhone 11

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