Apple will hold a WWDC presentation 2020: what to expect and where to view

Apple проведет презентацию WWDC 2020: чего ждать и где просматривать

Apple проведет презентацию WWDC 2020: чего ждать и где просматривать

Every year Apple gathers developers and gives them a kind of insight into the world of their latest software developments. The event is called the Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC. This year it will be held on June 22 in the online conference. Tell how to watch the presentation and what to expect from Apple.

A key event Special Event Keynote will be held on 22 June, 20:00 Kyiv time. And then starts the video stream. The channel 24 will closely follow what is happening and to inform you of important moments.

Where to watch WWDC 2020

View conference will be in the Apple Developer and Apple Developer. Apple fans can set stylized Wallpaper from WWDC 2020 conceptbakery Matt Birchler.

Official stream Apple WWDC 2020, dedicated to the Special Event, available on YouTube, in the Apple Events app on Apple TV and on a special web page. Stream the last now available for most modern browsers.

The main news will be published in the form of press releases on the official Apple website. Of course, they will tell you we are on our website. Expect from Apple presentation of iOS 14, watchOS 7 and updates other operating systems, updates of series and announcement of the transition of the Mac to ARM processors.

iOS 14

It is clear that all the owners of current devices, the company is waiting for the OS upgrade to version 14. Logically, we can expect stability and performance, in any case, just tell. For the first time early systems leaked online almost six months before the presentation. That is why a number of features are already disclosed.

Apple проведет презентацию WWDC 2020: чего ждать и где просматривать

Apple проведет презентацию WWDC 2020: чего ждать и где просматривать

Apple shows new version iOS

  • Updated home screen

IOS 14 displays the changed home screen which will display all the app icons in the list view. The user will be easier to find the desired program and to see all installed programs in one place. It is expected several different sorting options.

For example, you can filter out apps that you use most often. Also in a separate category will provide all programs with unread messages.

Will be the new home screen and smart tips from Siri, which will tell you which software to use depending on the time of day, location and occupation. For example, Siri will be able to advise you to open the program “Music” on arrival to the gym.

Overall, the new interface is similar to the view option list which currently exists in watchOS.

  • New features

iOS 14 will offer several new features. Leak in the code detect function that will identify ambient sounds, including fire alarms, door knock, door bell and crying children. Probably iOS will be able to turn these sounds into tactile vibrations that allow people with hearing loss much better to navigate in the environment.

Another new feature – support for camera smartphone hand gestures. In addition, the system can adapt the sound quality of the EarPods or AirPods for people with mild or moderate hearing loss.

Apple is developing iOS for 14 new fitness apps with a code name Seymour. It is designed for iPhone and will offer a special video tutorial for learning different sports from running and stretch before rowing and yoga.

Finally you can change the voice of Siri. Now the function is at an early stage of development and information about it. Likely to be something like Google Assistant, which supports other voices.

  • Other innovations

Section “Wallpaper” in iOS 14 will receive more convenient organisation. It is expected to support third-party Wallpaper. It is noted that developers will be able to integrate the collection of Wallpaper in settings iOS.

IOS 14 Apple will embed the task “Shot on iPhone” in the Photos app, and users will be able to see the achievements of each other and share them.

With the release of the new iOS, Apple Pay will get integration with AliPay. Previously in iOS code, found 14 icons design full-size headphones Apple as well as an extended mouse support.

WatchOS 7

The main feature of the new OS for the watch will be the emergence of the ability to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, however, there is a risk that this feature will be available only in version six hours, which will be presented later. Also watch OS 7 is expected to track the quality of sleep.

Of course, there will be new dials. We are waiting for the dials in the style of flags of different countries. In addition, users can dial “Infograph Pro” with a built-in tachometer. Its purpose is the measurement of speed and distance during a trip.


Your electric car to debut in no hurry. But in cooperation with BMW will present the technology CarKey. It is expected that the smartphone will be able to act as an NFC-tag allows you to remove the car from protection.

Apple проведет презентацию WWDC 2020: чего ждать и где просматривать

Apple проведет презентацию WWDC 2020: чего ждать и где просматривать

More details about CarKey waiting for the presentation

It is unclear whether it would be possible to assign access to a car or leave the keys in the house. Yes, and whether such a chip to replace the Keyless entry is also not clear.

Full-size headphones

Apple confidently holds its position as one of the market leaders in TWS headphone and it is expected that the company wants to expand its presence. And to do this, it would not hurt to release something full-sized.

Future work the company can get the name of AirPods Studio. It is known that production has already begun and deliveries are to begin in June-July.

ARM for Mac

Bloomberg reports that in the framework of the WWDC Apple will introduce the first ARM-based processors for future Mac generations. At the conference Apple announces a new chip, and will announce the move with Intel on a solution.

Sam Mac on ARM-based when it does not show – it is expected to premiere in 2021. This will give time to developers to adapt apps for the new platform.

iMac new design

According to insider Sonny Dickson, Apple for the first time in 13 years, will update the monoblock design of the iMac. The computer is made in the style of the iPad Pro or the Apple Pro Display XDR.

Other novelties

It is possible that we are waiting for the emergence of a new Apple 4K TV. Along with it can demonstrate the General subscription on all Apple services. And once again analysts talk about the label AirTag. Thanks to her you will no longer worry about the whereabouts of the keys.

Application Locator, will see the label and to recall the threat of losing it when you remove your phone from the tag.

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