Apple will leave its users without the streaming services, Google and Microsoft

Apple оставит своих пользователей без стриминговых сервисов Google и Microsoft

Apparently, owners of Apple devices will find a nasty surprise: they may be left without promising services Stadia and Project xCloud. All because of the recent update of the list of recommendations for apps submitted to the App Store.

As you know, any developer who wants to put your product in the store, should strictly follow the recommendations. With these cloud solutions by Google and Microsoft may have some difficulties, according to Mspoweruser.

What’s the problem? The stumbling block, said profile press, will be section 4.2.7. the updated list of recommendations for the App Store. It says that the store can accommodate applications that allow you to try on an iOS device video game consoles that belong to the user.


For example, how does the client program Steam Link. All anything, but in rule there is one important caveat – handled game that is broadcast, should be exclusively on “hardware” which belongs to user. That is, only on his console or computer. Here lies the discrepancy.

The features of cloud gaming. As you know, the whole point of cloud gaming from Microsoft and Google is that gamers don’t have to worry about buying expensive hardware and run new with any gadget with a good Internet. The games themselves, as conceived, will be processed on devices companies.

This is contrary to the requirements that Apple has for apps. Therefore, if the rules are not changed, client program services Stadia and xCloud simply will not be allowed in the App Store.

Why Apple made this decision? Journalists believe that the new requirement was introduced deliberately, as cupertinos want to prepare the ground for the launch of its own cloud service Arcade. But this, of course, only speculation.

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