Appliance helped to open the traces of terrible crimes in Kharkov

Бытовой прибор помог вскрыть следы страшного преступления в Харькове

Running the fan helped to locate the body in a flat on Cold Mountain in Kharkov.

July 3 in one of the apartments of high-rise buildings in the lane Riznikivske fire occurred. Rescuers arrived to extinguish the fire and found on the bed the body of a man. As it turned out, the host was killed before fire happened.

“It turned out that the man brought home an unfamiliar person with whom he drank. And when the alcohol ended, the guest took the Bank card of the owner and began to demand a password to buy more alcohol,” – said in the national police.

The cardholder is not in a hurry to share the password, and then the visitor hit the host with a knife, took the card and slammed the door of the apartment.

It is unknown how the body could have been sitting in the apartment undetected, if not for the fan. Due to continuously working appliance in the house there was a short in the wiring and caught fire.

Hot on the heels of law enforcement officers found the suspect – it was them earlier judged 40-the summer man.

Under articles “robbery” and “murder” coming years he will spend in prison.